Released: 2003

Cat no: MOLTEN 019

Format: CD and double 12"

Recording: Recorded at Music-A-Matic Studio, Gothenburg Polar Studios, Stockholm and Nord Studios, Stockholm. Engineered by Stefan Boman. Assistant engineering by Henryk Lipp.

Mixed by Stefan Boman and Chips K. at Megaphon Studio, Stockholm.

Mastered by Henrik Jonsson at Polar Studios, Stockholm.

Producer: Chips K.

Cover design: Martin Stangefelt


This was our largest project with big budget, fancy studios and well known producer. It is also our most successful record and the one we are most proud of having released. And man has it got some classic songs on it like Rising, being the biggest hit Dozer recorded so far.

Curios fact: The first pressing of the CD inlay has a misprint. There is a white field in the black and we call this the "white stripe edition", so if you have one of those it´s rarity.


01] The hills have eyes

02] Rising

03] Feelgood formula

04] The exit

05] Spirit fury fire

06] A matter of time

07] Southern star (bonus track available on vinyl only)

08] Man made mountain

09] Way to redemption

10] Crimson highway

11] Black light revolution

12] Glorified

13] Lightning stalker